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Recording-related filters

Recording-related filters

Visited URL, duration, and more

Location-based filters

Location-based filters

Country, City, IP and more

Technology-related filters

Technology-related filters

Device, OS, Browser and more

Event-based filters

Event-based filters

Clicks, Scrolls, Form submissions and more

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Empower your analysis with analyzee - navigate through user sessions for enhanced decision-making and unparalleled website optimization.

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Accelerate, highlight, propel. With analyzee Sessions you get to the essence of user behavior, saving time and helping you focus on the details that make a difference.

View all the traffic

Monitor, learn, prosper. Track each visitor's pathway with analyzee Sessions, paving the way for targeted improvements and amplified conversions.

Track all the errors

Spot, identify, resolve. With analyzee Sessions' comprehensive error tracking you can swiftly address glitches, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Advanced filters

Customize, discover, excel. With analyzee Sessions' advanced filters, dive deep into your user activity, enabling precise modifications for exceptional user experience.

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