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All-in-one analytics toolkit

Make smarter strategic decisions with our advanced, yet free & user-friendly tool. Turn complex data into clear insights with detailed reports and custom dashboards.

GDPR, CCPA & HIPAA compliant
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We turn your data into a competitive edge. With our analytics toolkit you can track and visualize pretty much any metric that comes to mind.

Out of the box reports

Always stay prepared. Explore 10+ pre made reports with metrics crucial to your growth. Traffic, Geo, Revenue, Sales and many more, right at your fingertips.

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Custom dashboards

Go beyond surface-level metrics. Creating a custom dashboard is as easy as connecting a data source and choosing the specific metric you want from a list. No coding experience required.

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Multi-source data integrations

Centralize your data. Easily integrate analyzee with any database you are currently using, whether it be MongoDB, RedShift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase Firestore, etc.

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Advanced filtering

Watch only replays that provide value. Find what you need easily with location, recording, technology, and event based filters.

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Error tracking

Boost your user experience. Our error tracking lets you identify and address issues fast, therefore increasing engagement, reliability and performance.

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User friendly

Easy to navigate and even easier to use. Designed for easily optimizing your website and pinpointing errors that couldn't be spotted otherwise.

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Watch every visit from the visitors' POV. Catch details that you can't with analytics. Numbers can tell you if something went wrong but Recordings will tell you why.


Visualize user behaviour to easily pinpoint areas that work and those that need improvement.

Fully interactive

Test the success of your website changes faster than ever. Effortlessly filter the heatmap to only show you information that matters.

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Click & scroll maps

Find out what's catching the eye of your website visitors. Learn common user behaviour patterns and which elements drive the most conversion.

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Element-based metrics

Streamline user experience. Detect unappealing elements of your website and make sure no important content gets overlooked.

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We value our relationships and put service first with an emphasis on adding value and solving problems

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Nikolina Lauc - GlycanAge CEO
Nikolina Lauc
CEO & Founder of GlycanAge

“The best HIPAA compliant analytics we have used”

Analyzee's tools are impressively effective, user-friendly, and turn complex data into clear insights, making them my go-to choice for data analysis with great customer service and ongoing improvement.

Alex Petrou - Sharq Agency Founder
Alex Petrou
Founder of Sharq Agency

“In branding, real-time insights are crucial”

In branding, real-time insights are crucial. Analyzee deciphers data creatively, bridging analytics and actionable strategies to help Sharq stay innovative—a must-have for forward-thinking agencies.

Leila Gabel - Plodovi.hr COO
Leila Gabela
COO at Plodovi.hr

A genuine solution to our longstanding challenges”

We were skeptical about yet another platform that promises data management clarity but Analyzee truly simplified our complex data needs. It's more than just a tool; it's been a genuine solution to our longstanding challenges.

Easy script installation

Get started quickly with our lightweight script installation process. Simply follow the steps and integrate analyzee script into your website within minutes.

  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatibility with all web platforms

Simple event tracking

From clicks, scrolls and errors to form submissions - our tracking system gives you deep inisights into your user behavior.

  • Console events
  • User actions heatmap
  • Advanced filtering

Identify users and track their actions

Gain a deeper understanding into your users by studying your regular already identified customer. This allows you to tailor your content based on their preferences.

  • Personalized user experiences
  • Customizable action tracking
  • Comprehensive ICP metrics


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