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Analyzee's tools are impressively effective, user-friendly, and turn complex data into clear insights, making them my go-to choice for data analysis with great customer service and ongoing improvement.
Nikolina Lauc - CEO at GlycanAge
Nikolina Lauc
CEO at GlycanAge
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In branding, real-time insights are crucial. Analyzee deciphers data creatively, bridging analytics and actionable strategies to help Sharq stay innovative—a must-have for forward-thinking agencies.
Alex Petrou - Founder of Sharq Agency
Alex Petrou
Founder of Sharq Agency
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We were skeptical about yet another platform that promises data management clarity but Analyzee truly simplified our complex data needs. It's more than just a tool; it's been a genuine solution to our longstanding challenges.
Leila Gabela - COO at Plodovi.hr
Leila Gabela
COO at Plodovi.hr

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Data or Emotions? The evolution of decision making in business
November 3, 2023
3 min read

Decision-making is an essential skill that can steer a business towards unparalleled success or unexpected challenges. The history of business is full of stories about wealthy and powerful people who relied on their gut feelings while the digital era often demands a more nuanced approach. The endles...

4 key ways I think AI is reinventing Customer Support
October 28, 2023
3 min read

While it’s clear that AI is changing customer support, we’re still trying to figure out what that means in real-world terms. Unlike other technologies, AI in customer support isn’t just about automation; it’s about enhancing human interaction. The goal is to answer the perennial question: “How can w...

7 Essential E-commerce Metrics To Boost Your Bottom line
October 22, 2023
4 min read

Introduction: E-commerce leaders, if you’re committed to elevating your online business, precision is key. By honing in on these 7 pivotal metrics, you will gain not just insight, but actionable strategies to drive tangible growth. As we break each metric down, you’ll see their direct relevance to y...


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Why settle for out-of-the-box when you can have tailor-made? From unique integrations to intricate custom metrics, our team is ready to mold analyzee to your exact specifications.

  • Track unique custom metrics that perfectly fit your business needs
  • Integrate analyzee with any of your favorite third party apps
  • Prioritized support whenever you need it, ensuring zero downtime
  • Direct communication with our elite development team for a smooth collaboration
  • Every aspect of your custom integration is designed to maximize your ROI
  • We scale with you, supporting both current needs and future endeavors

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