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Why should you choose analyzee?

Because unlocking in-depth insights about your visitors
and centralizing your data shouldn't cost you a fortune.

With analyzee your business gains access to

Multi-source data integration

Integrate data from diverse sources for unmatched clarity. By eliminating the need to juggle between tools, you'll unlock deeper insights faster, enhancing your decision-making and outpacing competitors.

Custom dashboards

Once you've identified your unique KPIs and metrics, enjoy unlimited custom dashboards, tailored precisely for whatever insights you need at your fingertips.

An advanced custom query editor

Craft bespoke queries with guidance from our top-tier developers. Track essential KPIs and metrics which are un-trackable on any other platform, boosting decision-making and giving you a unique competitive edge.

Watch every interaction

With analyzee Sessions record every single on-site event that happened and watch it through the visitors point of view, gathering before unseen insights for UX optimization.

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And all of it is completely FREE

It’s free - No sign up required

Exclusive custom integration

Why settle for out-of-the-box when you can have tailor-made? From unique integrations to intricate custom metrics, our team is ready to mold analyzee to your exact specifications.

  • Track unique custom metrics that perfectly fit your business needs
  • Integrate analyzee with any of your favorite third party apps
  • Prioritized support whenever you need it, ensuring zero downtime
  • Direct communication with our elite development team for a smooth collaboration
  • Every aspect of your custom integration is designed to maximize your ROI
  • We scale with you, supporting both current needs and future endeavors

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